Elizabeth Chappell


When I first became a mother, my heart overflowed with love for my beautiful newborn twins.  As I fell more in love with my babies my heart broke as I thought about all the babies in our country that are unloved, abused and neglected.  I am blessed to have so many people that love me in my life  and I am determined to pay those blessings forward.  Over the past 8 years I have worked at Love Foster’s Hope’s summer camps, directed their mentoring program and ran a graduation party for Angel Reach for graduating foster youth. It breaks my heart to see so many amazing kids become beaten down and hopeless because they don’t have anyone in their corner, fighting for them. I believe if more people understood how amazing these youth are and how powerful a few hours of their time could be in changing the course of a youths life we could start changing some of these staggering statistics.  There are so many wonderful organizations and opportunities that need help and it’s so easy to get involved!  We Will Speak was created to get the message out that the foster care system is broken but not hopeless, it just needs more loving, compassionate people to get involved and start changing some lives.